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With the New Moon energy vibrating through our lovely cells, the last couple of days, we may be sensing it's time to release energy that has been just patiently waiting to be shed. Our lives, filled with learning can sometimes take us to places and with people we never thought possible.

And some stay, and some go. New relationships, like new seasons, allow us to take inventory of what we have been carrying with us, and to stop and make sense of what is worth continuing, while we continue on our way, bringing in the new. From past hurt to past hurdles that we have endured, it is so important to be willing and open to close doors that are to be closed, in order to allow a space of brand new, and healthy energy. There are reasons for us meeting all the people we meet.

There are reasons why we set foot on new terrain, and in new territory, too.

We are here to show up in our lives, and help others show up in their own lives, as well. Sometimes this can come in the form of loving supportive energy, and other times the roles in which others play, are more challenging, to us.

Both of which are to always allow us to look within, as to how to stand tall, for ourselves, before we can be anything, to anyone else. By taking time, today, to toss out any energy you feel, intuitively is detrimental to you fulfilling your desired dreams, you are opening up to turning your whole life into perhaps what you thought was merely a dream, at all.

LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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Hi, thanks for reading!

I'm PASSIONATE about using my voice to inspire you to look at life's lessons as blessings rather than burdens, and hoping I can make you smile a little more each day.


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