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A Bit About Me...

I found my voice as a Writer almost 2 decades ago and write under my pen name ‘LuCy sMiLeS.’

This is my passion. Everyday I would ask myself 
‘How can I guide others to see life and all of its lessons as blessings rather than burdens!?’

I love writing and supporting the World through my words.  But after finding myself with brain fog, fatigue and overall feeling unwell. I wasn’t feel well enough to follow my passion, anymore.

It’s then that I stumbled upon how to best support my physical body.  One text message from a friend changed the trajectory of my whole life, and expanded my passion to inspire others. 

Since then, I have been supporting thousands of others, around the Globe, to create a strong foundation of wellness through learning the power of what we are fuelling our bodies.

I have since fallen in love with guiding women to create a physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & financially vibrant lifestyle.

Di xo

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