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On & Off

In a World where it can seem like everyone is living a life in a ‘doing’ energy instead of a ‘being energy, we can find ourselves up to our ears and eyeballs trying to keep up.

Add a splash of Social Media to throw us into comparison mode and we are in for trouble.

While it is great to have some healthy competition to keep us in the driver’s seat of our lives, and working diligently to (hopefully) fulfill our dreams, it can get complicated when we are boggled down by the countless posts that are in our face every day of the perceived ‘perfect’ lives of the people that pop up on our screens.

We can forget what is important to us, and what our own Heart’s yearn for, when we don’t ground ourselves, daily. When we don’t wake up, and first tap in to our goals, our dreams and our intentions for what our best lives look like, before heading in to the office, or the vortex of online communities filled with selfies, ‘secrets to success’ blogs, and ‘airbrushed’ lives.

We are blessed to be more connected, now, with the unlimited opportunities that Social Media offers. We can connect with childhood friends, families we cannot see, in person. We can connect with communities that are likeminded, allowing us to create amazing contribution, and residual impact that may have not been possible, without.

But all the while we are connected to all part of the Globe with the click of a button, how are we protecting ourselves from the staying connected with our Soul?

Intentional days create a life on purpose. Spending our morning mapping out what is important to drive forward with passion, grace and integrity for our Soul’s calling can truly give us not only a sense of calm, but discernment of what we are saying ‘yes’ to and what we are truly okay with saying ‘no’ to if it does not cater to our personal goals and ambitions.

LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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