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Ah, Of Course!

With the New Year upon us, we may be reflecting on 2018, and what experiences were driving forces for growth. I am sure we may also be taking inventory as to what circumstances had us feel like we were driving around in circles.

With our new Vision for 2019, we may be wishing and hoping to be thinner, smarter, healthier and richer.

Just to name a few.

Our Vision Boards may be filled with travel, cars, homes, and business and career success, or health and nutrition.

I was giving a beautiful gift this Christmas.

A book. It was titled "Love What Matters."

I can assure you that the personal stories didn't include many of the above.

If you look around you, when you walk the streets, when you are online, on social media- so much of what catches our attention includes advertisements, videos, logos, posts and messages subliminally sending us thoughts of ourselves vs. what it takes to not only be adequate in the public eye, but what it would take to be noticed, and accepted.

We can find ourselves reading posts from people, sharing all that they have experienced, personally claiming a sense of "Guru Mentality."

There are countless workshops, courses and retreats claiming that they are THE ONE that will transform all of our thoughts, negative patterns and habits that are holding us back from living our true and BEST life.

With all of this stimuli, how are we ever to believe that what it takes, we have, already?

Meditation, walks in nature, clean and mindful eating, and also loving and accepting of our circumstances is a great start to creating all of the abundance we desire and deserve.

Learning to let go of that which doesn't serve us is absolutely important, if not, imperative to our overall Mind, Body and Soul’s health and wellbeing.

Stumbling upon books, documentaries that resonate with us, can give us just the insight we we looking for.

The power of writing our Grateful list on a daily basis and journaling to better connect with our feelings can find us at peace, and in power for making strong, safe and secure choices to create joy in our lives.

In our personal mission to improve areas of our lives to create a healthier self-image, we must be careful of not losing the most important part- that our answers can come from the wisdom that is within.

Remember as you walk your path to greatness, what sets you apart from everyone else, is that you are unlike any other.

That is what makes you you. That is what make me me.

So, do all you can to be healthy, and while doing so, creating a healthy relationship yourself, and with others in the process.

And perhaps you can start the process of believing that you are right on course, and can course correct, at any time, when the time is right!

LuCy sMiLeS

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