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What a Wonderful Life!

It seems that closer to the holidays, and most of all, during the holidays, there is a lot more energy that goes into thinking about where we are, and what we have endured over the past year. Moreover, a bit of stress evaluating all that we wish to change, or enhance, moving forward into the New Year. Our thoughts go to resolutions to set in place, as soon as the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, and a whole new wonderful year. We are sure that whatever habits, unfortunate circumstances, or less than favourable situations took our energy the year prior, we can stop drop and roll out a whole new way of being, now that the new year is upon us. If you are anything like me, the more energy I put on trying to close the door of the Ghosts of year's past, the less likely it is that they go away. A new year is a great way to start new goals, and set a new vision for ourselves; however, we don't have to feel that we must throw away all that we have taken with us to this point, as we are who and where we are because of everything we are, it doesn't matter the year, month and date. That doesn't go away.

This year coming can and will be a wonderful year and we can look forward to a wonderful life ahead, but even more so, if we can just carry with us what already is a wonderful life, right now. We don't have to change all of our ways in order to grow- just be ourselves, do what we love, and cherish every moment as a new moment to shine even brighter than the moment before. And be sure to surround ourselves with those that respect, support and encourage us to be our best- as we do the same, for them. We don't need a whole new year to start a whole new wonderful life. We just need to believe life is beautiful, all year round! LoVe LuCy sMiLeS

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