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On The Other Hand

They always say you cannot just stop or eliminate a bad habit, you must replace it with something that will give you equal benefit.

Many of us have stress in our lives, anxiety from not being where we want to be, or maybe it is taking us longer than we anticipated to get to where we want to go.

Our days can be distracted by life getting in the way of all of our plans, or in the way of our very important check list that we wish to tackle. By the end of the day, we may want to indulge in food, drinks, Netflix, etc…

It is so important to take inventory of if we work for our schedules, or do our schedules work for us? When we do not give to ourselves, first, we can tend to create an energy- even unknowingly- of resentment for feeling like we are spinning our wheels, instead of being a successful driving force in our lives, our relationships, our business, or our health.

Being grateful, and knowing that we can take our lives and our schedules into our own hands, we must take a look at where were are truly in power, and where we are allowing ourselves to become powerless to external circumstances, people, or habits that are not serving us.

I recently had a conversation with my awesome High Performance Coach who said something to me that triggered me in a really great way. She said something to the likes of “You don’t have to adopt other people’s agendas.”

Wow. Where in our lives are we allowing what other people want and need of us, how they want to put us in their box that they created for us, or what their demands and expectations are of us, instead of following our own path? And how are our habits, and decisions around this hindering our growth, instead of rising us to the top of our game?

Take some time, and take a stand in your life for what is congruent to your needs, your passions, your vision and ultimately what a winning day would be for you.


LuCy sMiLeS

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