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Half In The Bag

Ah baggage! How we all have some. It is funny, we are mindful to carry light (most of us), when travelling. Maybe we even only carry a carry on. We save money checking in our extra checked luggage. We also save time having to check it in, and wait for it at the carousel after our trip.

So why with something as menial, do we do our best to make life simple for ourselves, yet with the things that matter most, we can put extra unnecessary stress on making things so much more challenging than it needs to be?

Whether it be holding on to regret, guilt, shame, or worse- that of others. Or perhaps holding on to habits, or people that we know we would be better off without. I am sure all of us in some form or fashion can take a few things out of the baggage we carry and make our journey a heck of a lot lighter!

We don’t have to make a World of changes to make a World of difference in our lives. A mere waking up a wee bit earlier, or spending a little less time and energy on the things, or people that don’t support the light that we deserve to shine over us; we can find ourselves smiling, whistling, and even just standing still, in more peace, contentment and fulfilment that comes from choosing being the best versions of ourselves.

Lighten your load and never forget to have loads of fun along the way!


LuCy sMiLeS

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