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Keep In Mind

The mind is a powerful tool. Not being mindful of what energy, thoughts and opinions that are taking up Real Estate up there can have us paying a hefty price.

While we are in control of what our thoughts, emotions and responses are to what is around us and affecting us; we can also control and choose what influences we have surrounding our personal and even business environments. In doing so we are, in essence, protecting our thoughts, even habits, creating harmony that supports our health and happiness.

Because many of us can be rather empathetic and compassionate toward our connections, there can be blurred lines with how much of our own energy we are comfortable with giving out, and also how much energy we are allowing to be taken from us, from those in our inner circle.

It isn’t so much that we have to break off completely from energy that may be keeping us from our focus, dedication and drive on our path- but simply being a bit more mindful of how much we are willing to compromise our own peace, in the act of bringing peace to others.

Having a handful of healthy habits, and supportive communities that align with our inner passion and purpose can also prove to be beneficial in reinforcing a healthy, strong and spiritually connected circle of influence.


LuCy sMiLeS

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