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You're Invited!

All of us have a purpose. There is not one of us that hasn’t been brought into this World, at this time, or any given time, to not make a difference. It can be challenging when we observe specific situations, circumstances- whether in our personal lives, or in the lives of the masses, that can make us believe differently.

We are not always going to have peace in our own Heart, or peace on Earth. There will be disruption. There will be chaos, and there will be heart ache.

How we come together, get ourselves together, and give of ourselves, in contribution, must be what we focus on, to grow, and help others grow.

By focusing on what people are not doing, or doing what we believe and perceive as ‘wrong’, we are living in judgement, rather that compassion.

Acknowledging how we can assist in Love, compassion and care, in any situation, and share this with others, we can then, and only then, start to see positive change.


LuCy sMiLeS

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