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Sounds About Right

The World is a big place. The places we are exposed to have such diversity and beauty. Every time you turn the corner you are faced with another beautiful flower, beautiful sky and beautiful smiling people.When we are paying attention to the visuals that take our breath away, it is hard to focus on the flaws. Especially our own. We have it in us, to get the best out of our lives, starting with making the best of each moment we are blessed with all that is around us, and all those who are around us, to help us along the way. We are not going to have fabulous days, every single day. We are going to wake up from bad dreams, bad moods, and for us unlucky ladies, bad hair days too. What we can do, when we notice less than desirable thoughts or things going on, is to take a moment to sit with it, acknowledge what it is, accept it as such, and move on, without continually giving it more focus than it rightly deserves. By not trying to mask things, but rather respectfully accepting things, in our lives, we are more than likely able to deal with certain aspects, while not feeling like we have to have such control over it. Notice, when you stop resisting life, but rather flowing with it, you, inside, gain much more happiness overall, even when all else fails. Our state of mind is what matters most, regarding the state of which our reality is in. Happiness is an inside job, and we get so much out of it, to boot! LoVe, LuCY sMiLeS

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