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What Do You Mean?

When we are feeling at a crossroads, or looking for some much needed advice, there is nothing better than turning to a trusted friend. How wonderful we can feel after we have been given the opportunity to call on someone we love, and have them listen to our issues, concerns, or request for a little guidance of how to move forward.

Absolutely, our confidants are so precious, and life is meant to connect with others, who have our best interests in mind.

While we can feel supported, and grateful for the amazing insights we get from our friends, when we are feeling a little off, or uncertain as to which way to progress, we must also take the opportunity to sit, with ourselves, and ask for the same guidance, from within.

Reason being, that while our friends always want the best for us, and certainly can see things in a different- sometimes more ‘clear’ way, than we can, they also give their advice and their insights, all with great intention, from their own personal space of stories, experiences and emotion.

They are gladly and lovingly able to help nudge us with what they believe will be best. And it is beautiful. However, the full beauty comes when we can, then sit back, and allow our hearts to then take inventory on all the wonderful opinions, suggestions and selfless recommendations they have, and see how and what resonates with us, best, in the end.


LuCy sMiLeS

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