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Little Did I Know!

Loud cars, loud sirens, loud demands. They can come at us all at once. We can also allow the loud noises in our heads from the demands we put on ourselves to take over the silence that can sometimes have all the answers. We push ourselves to the limits to attempt to reach great heights. All the while, with just a moment or two of much needed meditation, much of what we are looking for may show itself. While action is so important in attaining our goals, we can lose sight of the importance of looking within to help guide us to where is best for us. It is too easy to attach to what we think we 'should' be doing, and doing and doing- that we forget that standing still in our own personal space may be just what we need to find true peace, and true comfort. The World is not going to stop for us, but we have the personal responsibility for our health and wellbeing to stop ourselves from overdoing it so much that we lose ourselves in the whirlwind of stress, chaos and continued illusional struggle. There is a time to take initiative and take charge; but just as such, there is a time to slow our minds, take a moment to reflect and take a time out. Everything and everyone that demands us of our time will always still be there, but we will be so much more prepared to take on the World when we take 'two' to unwind. We can be surprised at how better we are at dealing with the exterior circumstances when offer ourselves a place of peace. LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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