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I'm All Ears!

There is nothing like taking personal emotional inventory to hit you with a big reality check! Our lives are so busy, engaging in so many activities, responsibilities that we may fail to take time for the biggest responsibility- ourselves!

Sometimes, it is too late before we have put ourselves through the mental wringer, it is everything we can do to get ourselves back to centre, again.

When we can take some quiet time to tap in and ask ourselves how we are, what’s new, and maybe even what is pissing us off, we can be our own best friend and allow ourselves not only to vent, but to listen.

Life is exciting! Creating amazing experiences can be thrilling! But when we are rushing through things, hurrying to get to the next best thing, or wondering why the ‘not so hot’ things are happening- stopping in our tracks can be all that we truly need to get back on track.

Meditation is not mandatory. Even a bubble bath, writing in a journal, or jogging on a trail can provide us with the insight that staring at our phones and laptops, as they chirp away at us louder than the 5am birds, just cannot contribute to.

With our days of ‘instant this’, and ‘instant that’, we fail to remember that we have to be patient with ourselves, and be more open to listening to the inner voice that may be crying out for us to lend an ear.

Make today a day for a new best friend!

LuCy sMiLeS

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