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Strength In Numbers

How often do we hear how important it is to surround ourselves with those that not only contribute to our well being; but support us on our path to greatness- whatever that means to us? As we know, that we are the sum of the 5 people we are closest to, it is imperative that we are mindful of what energy we allow in, and what we must also let go of in order to bring in all that we desire, and all that we deserve. When we come to a place of believing in ourselves, and understanding what we wish to accomplish; we soon find that the Universe will transpire in a way that devotes itself to our dreams; and introduces us to those individuals and also those decisions that will make best use of our time, and our story to greatness. All we truly have to do to be on the right track is have our own backs, and commit ourselves to not only having faith that we can achieve what we set out for, but also to set ourselves free from any negativity, or toxic energy that is holding us back, or holding us down. When you count on one hand who you are walking along in life with, be sure that each person offers you strength, in whichever way they have the ability; and be willing and able to walk away, when need be. And for those that are helping guide you;be sure that you are offering as much strength to their cause- with motivation to lift them up as far as you know they deserve, as well. LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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