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First Things First

Just days in to the new year, we are ready to contemplate, plan and orchestrate what next 36o or so days are going to look like. In speaking to many of my close friends, and being there for many of my own experiences, it seems as though 2015 had been filled with quite a few chaotic & equally transformational series of events; all equally important in the marriage of all the great new events to transpire in this new magical year. Of course, with ups must come downs. Though we know that we learn best through strong messages being given to us, sometimes, they are not in the most comfortable of forms. What is truly amazing, throughout anything that we do go through, is that sometimes, going through or living in experiences that truly don't resonate with our soul; allows us to take a much more motivated stand in jumping up and shouting out in commitment to take our life’s passions more seriously, and making a change, for the better, going forward. Discomfort can make our dreams come true! What are your goals in 2016? Maybe more specifically, instead of hustling and bustling over what new things we want to experience in our lives, we can look at any current living situations that may need tweaking to better improve our state of happiness. Rather than seeking outward for a 'happy' place, we can take a moment to understand that it is more efficient and healthy for us to be in a state of 'contentment.' Contentment comes from listening to what our hearts are telling us, and then taking action accordingly, all the while allowing for ourselves to be in peace with ourselves no matter what the circumstances are. The best way to find our true peace is to stick to something that makes us feel fulfilled. It is our birthright to be excited about life, and to share with others, all that makes our heart sing. Make this year a year of taking your life into your own hands, and shifting your passions into high gear, whatever that looks like to you!

Paulo Coelho: "May you let the good things happen to you, and share them with the world!

Love, LuCy sMiLeS

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