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Just One Minute

JUST ONE MINUTE Whether we admit it or not, we can always tell when we are in our flow... or not. It's seemingly easier to make decisions for instant gratification, even if we know the long term results may not pay off. While patience may not be our virtue; living in the virtue of our truest potential; sometimes we have to make a choice to make the right decisions, which is sometimes no decision at all for the time being- even if we may not feel content with having to wait for the pay off. Because great things don't always happen overnight, we can feel ourselves dealing with sleepless nights trying to get through when the going seems to get a little tough. But knowing that we are moving in the direction of the best path for ourselves, we can take a bit of comfort in knowing that by following a life of integrity and trust, while walking in our truth; the struggles we face don't have to be so badly experienced. Whether it be attempting to maintain our composure through a harsh work dynamic, or committing to seeing through difficult times in a relationship- whatever the case is for our individual circumstances- patience can allow us to understand the lessons behind what may feel like madness. Once we take inventory on what we are going through without making rash decisions in the heat of unsettled emotions; we will then see the natural flow, allowing us to proceed with what will find us our peace. LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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