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In All Honesty

Whether we like it or not, when we learn lessons in life, it is not because of anyone else, or for anyone else, but ourselves.

We can blame others for our current circumstances; point the finger outward, when push comes to shove and we have no more push to give. We can certainly throw a few punches when we have enough rage for not being where we want to be.

Our lives; in all its magic, is ours, and ours alone to live out.

We can create relationships with others, along the way.

We can move on from relationships or friendships, depending on our energetic vibrations with those in our lives.

All we do decide to do, is our choice.

We can move back and forth, in a wavering flow when we still are not sure which way is up or down…

We can move full steam ahead, when we are ready and knowing what it is that we want, having eager motivation to grab a hold of it.

No way that we go is right or wrong, but thinking that we are somewhere, due to the fault of others, is.

We will have things happen in our lives that will put a frown on our face; we will go through tough times, when we feel we’ve lost yet another race- but what matters most in all the trials, tribulations, as well as all the celebrations is that we take hold of our lives, own our power as well as our responsibility to show up for ourselves, no matter what the circumstance and grow up in our lives.

Even if we don’t feel we have been given a fair chance.

The choice is always ours what kind of attitude we wish to take to the table.

We can show up weak and worried; or stable and able.

It is never going to be what we are dealt with, but how we deal with what we are dealt.

We can move forward, stand tall, slouch, or fall.

And even if we do fall, we can still choose to stand back up again, and try one more time.

That is the great thing about growing up.

It never gets old no matter how old you get.


LuCy sMiLeS

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