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Sounds Good To Me!

“Sometimes to break the mold you simply have to take a bite out of life.” Love Lucy

One of the many great things about life is that we have every day to make up for anything we feel we may have deprived ourselves of, for any given reason, the day before. Sure, we may not be so able to fire up the private jet tomorrow, instead of sifting through change, today, for our usual subway commute…. Perhaps we will still be putting on our Uggs to make our way to the grocery store, instead of fancying up our feet in new manolos for a fabulous dinner out. But the magic of the new day, to try new things, and better- risk new things; doesn’t have to be so far fetched to be fulfilling. Even spending an extra hour on a passionate personal purpose; or looking through photographs that remind us of how beautiful our lives of loving connections are… Many times we get so caught up believing that we have to have all things expensive and over the top to feel like we are living the dream and feeling on top of the World. What if “the dream” is simply grabbing the opportunity to wake up, and open our eyes to a bright shining sun; and a bright smile of gratitude, rain or shine? LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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