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One In The Same

"Miracles are Yours To Make."

Love Lucy

It is amazing how, without even knowing it, so many things around us have such an effect on our thoughts- if not everything.

Where we create our stories, whether it is unwinding with a walk, multi-tasking at our work place, or meeting our clients out for coffee, or lunch; Our thoughts create our lives. Where we work, live and learn, is what can make or break us.

We know that our environments have a major effect on our well being. Working in stressful space, with people who are stressing, can leave us in an energy of stress, no matter how low our blood pressure may seem.

Enduring our environments can take its toll. Although we may not be in a position to change our surroundings right away, we can give ourselves time to re-evalulate if where we stand is allowing us to stand tall when showing up in our lives.

We are a collective, and the energy that flows through us, flows through each other, as it has it. Like driving in traffic, one moody driver can have an effect on us, even if the traffic itself has no effect on us at all.

Our lives are shared, smiles and frowns, ups and downs.

Being conscious in our creation of our best life, and what and where that looks best for us, is the most important and loving thing we can do for ourselves, to wake up, smiling more often than not.


LuCy sMiLeS

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