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Oh! What a Feeling!

“Great rewards do not come without great work.” Love, LuCy

Even when we may not be working, our minds seem to be constantly working. Perhaps not always working in our favour. A great deal of what we think are actually thoughts that are not our own, but instead the thoughts of others, that we have acquired through communication, association, and sometimes simply because we want to fit in. Our identity can be flawed, in a sense, when we don’t have a sense of who we are, what we believe, and what our unique purpose is. It is easy to get carried away thinking we want certain things, and want to be a certain way- when the opposite may actually be true. We see others attaining goals, or even material things. These things may look quite attractive to us, and we decide that we want this too. Perhaps, because it seems to make others happy, why wouldn’t it make us happy, as well? Sometimes it is only when we do duplicate someone else’s actions, that we will be faced with the truth that, in truth, this is not our desire. Not a bad thing, as it can be important for us to have what we actually don’t want, to know for sure what it truly is that we do want. Be it an object, a career, a relationship, or just simply whatever the feeling is. Life is a wonderful experience for us to learn, share our lessons, and also understand so many things about ourselves, and others so we can see that we are all connected. And even though we are connected, we each have our own separate, special part about us that is needed to be accepted, so we can feel what living our life’s purpose is all about! LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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