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If I Only Knew

“It would help if only we believed in our answer.”


I was in my office today, and had to carry a few things to another location. My first, and ‘always’ instinct is to carry as much as I can, so I make less trips to the next location. But I just realized how many ‘trips’ I will save on the way to the next location, when I tried so hard to carry too many things in my hands that I dropped some, and I tripped over almost all of them, leaving much of my goods on the floor! There is a thing about balance that need not be taught. Just tapping into knowing how much we can handle at any given time is enough for us to understand about balance. Where do you lose it? Where do you maintain it? When can you offer it to others? Life isn’t as hard as we think it is if we only were to allow only the right amount of everything in the right pile of what we can personally carry around; with the offering to give what we can, out of every pile, to others.... And so on... LoVe , LuCy sMiLeS

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