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Many Thanks

Most of us having something going on in our lives, right now, that we would much rather not have to deal with. From stress at work, exhaustion, heartache with our spouse, of even financial worry taking up too much of our thoughts.

We can pretty much guarantee that as much as we may feel like we are in a fabulous place in many areas of our lives, life will give us a couple cases every once in a while, that we would love to toss out!

Because every emotion we have has an energy vibration attached to it, it is so important that we do our best to keep our vibration high, even on the days where we feel low.

And, because whatever we focus on grows, we actually have the power to maintain a happy and blissful state even when we are feeling down in the dumps!

Stating our gratefuls and looking at all that we are so thankful for, at any given moment, is a sure fire way to ignite our personal power, create what we want to create, and sit in a peaceful state of mind, even when chaos hits.

The power of gratitude is so infinite, and the reasons to feel grateful are endless that once we decide to live our lives truly seeing all that it has to offer us, for the good, we will see our lives go from good to great!

Our days may find us falling on our faces, fearing having to face the unknown, or face us with realities we don’t think we can handle. However, starting our day with gratitude and ending our day with gratitude can help to cushion the fall.

Much of what we are going through can be healed with many thanks.


LuCy sMiLes

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