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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

Of all the experiences we have, we will have one or more emotion tied to it. Learning how to move through our emotions, by understanding them, is the key to living consciously and in a healthy mental state.

Furthermore, it is important for us to understand that our experiences are outside of our true Self, which can help us to get through experiences that may find us resulting in less than desirable emotions attached to them.

Our Self is not defined by what we go through, but more, we go through things to learn how to step out of the drama and into an Observing role. This can alleviate our self blame and shame we may cast over ourselves when scary, hurtful or harsh things happen to us, or around us.

Because our place here on Earth, in this time, is to help us heal and grow, we will inevitably have to be tested to see how we are doing and how we are able to get through this understanding of Self vs. Exterior experiences.

Reading about this is one thing, and may be seemingly easy to digest- but when the physical test comes into our lives- this is the ultimate life course.

My personal experience to see how I can remove myself from experience outside of me happened this very weekend when my dog darted across the street, with not a moment for me to grasp the leash hard enough before it flew and of my hand- my dog flying into a passing car. All of the books I have read on my spiritual path about sitting in the ‘Seat of the Soul’ was far from my mind when I sat in witness to this traumatic episode.

My dog came out unscathed, (Thank you every Angel on the job), however, my Mind was working overtime on repeat for hours a days after.

Patience and true understanding of this very teaching is truly what is helping me heal starting with minding my Mind.

Life is going to test us, not to hurt us, but to strengthen our ability to truly learn how to live a life of peace which can only start with the Mind.

We can be certain that experiences will take place that will make us happier than we ever thought imaginable, and just as such, will ache our Hearts in so much sadness. But above all of this lies within our Soul’s purpose to move into state of Grace, amidst any and all chaos that will be created.

Our only mission is to mind our Mind, for the purpose of living a truly Spiritual experience, when we can, as best we can.


LuCy sMiLeS

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