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I Gathered That

“It’s What You Do With What You Know That Determines Where You Will Go.” LoVe, LuCy

Personal development; It will never be a done job. From the time we are old enough to start learning, we will continue to do so, until our last day here, in this life. Instead of being fearful or maybe even resentful of having lessons that we may wish to refuse; we can learn a lot about ourselves by how we choose do deal with our lessons, and learn from our lessons. And for many of us, many of our lessons come back to haunt us again, and again, until we can finally get it right, and let it go! Because none of us are perfect, and none of us know everything, or every right way to learn from our experiences, life’s journey will offer us struggles, and challenges. But more often than not if we look hard enough, we can certainly dig up a little magic from every little pile. How many times have you heard someone share a significant story of one of their greatest life’s challenges, only to conclude with having it be one of the best things that could have ever happened to them? Now imagine if we can use this information in our own lives. To make a decision to allow our lessons in, see them for that they are. To really dig deep within ourselves to see how we created it in our lives, look within ourselves to see what we need from our inner Soul to move through it, and be honest with ourselves about its lesson, so much that we can let it go and not have it resurface. It may take a lot of strength for us to imagine that personal responsibility is the foremost important commitment if we are really able and ready to develop ourselves to be our best. Pointing fingers can only work for so long until we notice that the face that we point the fingers to will constantly be changing, however, the reason we are pointing our fingers will constantly remain the same. The common denominator with all of our various issues with others and the outside World, is and always will be ourselves. Once we can take inventory on our inner challenges and how we orchestrate them to be the theatre of our lives, we can change the show, and stop hiring characters to play our villain to validate that we are victims of our story. We must continue to evolve, learning and better understanding how to be our best and give our best in our relationships. Be it with books, groups, documentaries, friends and family. Gathering all the information of how to enhance our lives is a fabulous way to start, but it must continue by taking action on what we know will work, and believing that we have it in us to do so. I’m so in! LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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