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The 'In' Thing

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“Tune 'in' to get the best out of life.” LoVe, LuCy

Because all of us are so different, we all have our own beliefs, opinions, and perceptions of the World as a whole.

Having said that, I realize one thing that we all wish for that is Universal, no matter who we are, what we do for a living, or who we live with- is inner peace.

If we can remind ourselves that all that is inside of us cannot be taken away for any reason, we can learn to be at peace.

Whether we are striving to grow a Corporate empire, or to grow a family; anything outside of ourselves must not come between our relationship to ‘self.’

Our Empires can fall, our ability to have children may be deemed next to impossible. If we look outside of ourselves to find our happiness, when it gets taken from us, we will feel we are left with nothing.

And maybe we will literally be left with nothing, materially- but how we best move on will depend on how much energy we gave that to being our all.

We must learn to move forward with true self- love no- matter if and when we fall.


LuCy sMiLeS

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