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Figure of Speech

“It’s in Your Walk & Your Talk”



figure of speech.jpg

Because we have all grown up with different upbringings, not to mention, for some of us, very different cultures and family dynamics- it can prove difficult to learn exactly how to communicate with those we surround ourselves with, without a little bit of confusion.

Just as our languages of love can be rather different than our spouses, and loved ones, our language of communication can be just as different.

Misunderstandings and sometimes outright misjudgment has its way of sneaking into our ability to be coherent in our conversations.

With Mercury in retrograde until June 11, this can heighten the chaos that comes with our attempt to fully communicate our feelings, or even understand our own feelings to begin with.

So, by doing our best to not just hear what our loves ones have to say, but to truly ‘listen’ and also reiterate what we take from what they are sharing, and also share how we feel about it, we can set ourselves up for success with all that is being said!


LuCy sMiLeS

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