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All Things Magical

“It’s all right here!”




We may not realize how much negativity there is surrounding us, especially if we are focused so much on everything that is amazing in our lives. But walking around in this fabulous feeling can be difficult when others around us are venting, complaining about what is transpiring in their lives, or worse- bringing up experiences from the past, and living their lives from that space, now.

When we are highly empathetic our energy can easily get drained down to a low vibration if we don’t protect ourselves when we hit the streets, on our own ‘merry way.’

Commuting in the city the other day to meet a dear friend of mine, from hopping on the go-train, to subway, and even walking through Union station, I couldn’t believe how toxic my surroundings were. I was literally bombarded by loud conversations with individuals talking negatively about their workplace, their partners, you name it.

It made me feel a bit sensitive to the fact that the energy was so toxic, they were then bringing that into their workspace for the day, in a low, insensitive vibration.

From walking behind a woman and her colleague discussing their co-worker in a highly non-productive way, to sitting beside to women on the subway tearing down a colleague because of her promotions, and their opinion of her not deserving it.

I was shocked to hear how openly people are willing to disrespect others in a public setting.

As with everything we go through, we learn from what we experience.

How can I serve others in a way that can balance the negativity with positivity, I thought? Ironically, I looked down at my book that I was writing in, while sitting beside these two women on the subway, to realize that their conversation had interrupted my journaling of what I call “All Things Magical.”

I log everything in my day that happens to be magical to me. From a woman stopping me to say she loved my dress, to my business associate surprising me with a bottle of wine at our workshop as a thank you for business closing. And at that very moment, before interruption, I was just writing in my journal that I had been thinking of how close I am to a sales target and picturing in my mind the visual of a target, only to open my eyes and see a gentleman walk by me to get off the subway, and he had a picture of a ‘target’ stitched to his backpack. All the little but magical things that happen in my day that make me smile.

It is hard to find the negative in your day when you are so excited to be surprised with all things that are magical. It is known that you cannot have a negative thought and a positive thought at the same time.

Sure, our day may not always go the way we wish for it to. However, if throughout the day we can find magic as we move through it, we may find ourselves not so disappointed in the end.


LuCy sMiLeS

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