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All Too Well

“Believe Your Body” LoVe, LuCy

all too well.jpg

With spring in full swing, and the flowers in full bloom, we can start feeling in bliss again, when we leave our homes to set off on our day. No need for our morning alarms when the birds are musically chirping their tune at 5am! There is nothing I love more that spring, to put a spring in my step! But with that comes the energy to want to clean, organize, network more, attend more social functions patios with friends; of course, all the while balancing it off with still trying to get work done. Whether we work for ourselves, or someone else... when we have so much going on, and so much that we want to do, we can burn ourselves out before we know it. Our bodies are miraculous, and can certainly take a hit, when we are spending all of our time hitting the ground running. I found myself celebrating my birthday this year three days into a nasty ‘bug’ that dropped me on my knees, and lasting days after. And while this is a time of year that many will find themselves bugged by a ‘bug’ as well, it really comes down to how strong our immunity is, whether or not we are nurturing our bodies with rest, wholesome food and water, mental purity and of course peaceful environments which includes positive influence of others. When we try too hard to manage too much, and don’t give our bodies the fuel it needs to keep up, we will always find ourselves run down. So be sure to drink up, rest up and keep your thoughts on the up and up to save you from a nasty fall! LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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