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Signed, Sealed, Delivered

"Be the person you want others to be." LoVe, LuCy

signed, sealed, delivered.jpg

I received a letter in my mail the other day, from ‘Me!’ It was a congratulatory letter written months before, from an exercise I did in a business strategy workshop. I was really taken back when I read it, as it was written for the purpose of creative visualization. The Business Mentor & Facilitator personally mailed it to each one of us 90 days after the session, to see if we truly committed ourselves to what we set out to accomplish. There truly is a magic in writing things down. Creating a list of what we wish to achieve, and creating vision boards of what we wish to manifest in our lives. We can say it, of course, but when we write it down, it is like there is a Universal force working in our favour to deliver our requests. It is not always going to happen overnight, or in 90 days; however, by committing, focusing and having a little Faith, you can be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. And, perhaps it won’t come to you in the exact form of which you wished for it. My letter expressed a business triumph I was hoping to attain, but in looking back on my performance within those 90 days, I created a much more successful business platform for the triumph to come to fruition, with many others as well! Whatever it is that we want to create in our lives does take work, time and focus. Nothing falls on our lap, but instead, beside our lap, with the intention of seeing just how much we really want to make things happen for ourselves. Be clear, be committed and be creative with your own letter, or vision board to see what it is you truly desire... and watch your destiny unfold! LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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