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Fully & Completely

“Make it Count.”



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How easy it is for our minds to wander. We have so much going on, all of the time, that we can find ourselves planning, coordinating and scheduling things in our heads, while we are busy fulfilling a task that we specifically coordinated in our schedules to get done at this moment.

And we are certainly bombarded with so much stimulation around us while we are commuting to our jobs, or spending our time on-line or running errands, it is difficult to remind ourselves to hold even a second sacred!

There is a magic in truly being in the present moment no matter what we are doing. Even from as menial a task as washing the dishes, or walking the dog- being mindful of where we are at any given moment brings in a beautiful energy of gratitude, and appreciation for all that we have, and all that we have done for ourselves, to get to where we are.

Although this is not as easy a task as it sounds, taking even a few times during the day to give ourselves an opportunity to embrace the moment can raise our energy up, as well as to take inventory of how much time we spend with our heads in the clouds, rather than being grounded in the experiences we are going through.

This can also give us a chance to sit in silence for a moment or two, too!


LuCy sMiLeS

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