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Music To My Ears

"Love Will Get You There; No Matter How Far You Must Go."



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In all of the uncertainties we experience in life, it can be of comfort to know that we can still consistently walk through them choosing Love. We can wake up some mornings with an overwhelming sense of anxiety, stress, or even panic for whatever we have waiting in front of us at work, at home; wherever. Choosing how to handle and face what is in our way or coming our way will always be in our hands no matter what we have going on. It is easy to choose Love and compassion when the sun is shining, all of our work is completed and all of our relationships are in working order. But, learning to breathe Love into the negative realities that we have in our lives not only takes practice but it takes discipline, and patience. Even furthermore, it takes us looking at the bigger picture than just what is hanging over our heads giving us a headache, or worse- sleepless nights. When walking this morning, with my little puppy, who himself, gives me an opportunity to see what living in the present moments is; I was thinking of the things I need to get done, the fears of certain deadlines not get executed, and the personal anxiety I have going on in my life. It took me looking up at the beautiful red and blue sky, hearing the whispering trees and the beautiful sounds of all the birds happily and intuitively just singing their spring songs for me to realize that what I choose to occupy my mind is always mine to choose. And then I changed my tune...


LuCy sMiLeS

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