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The Choice Is Yours!

“It's only personal, if you take it personally.” LoVe, LuCy


Every day that we are blessed to rise and shine out of bed, we are also faced with the reality that things will come up that may stress us out and perhaps knock us off our path of ‘skipping around with a smile.’ We can find ourselves in the best mood for the most part but then something or someone may break our stride. Whether it is a last minute deadline for work, a negative friend draining our energy, or even nasty traffic on our commute... It can be difficult to maintain our joy factor when circumstances throw us for a loop. However, being mindful of our personal control, we can discern how to keep ourselves in a high vibration and not get sucked into outside negativity. We truly have the power within us to choose every day, and every situation that comes to us to be to our advantage. Even the hard times will prove to have a lesson if we look deeply enough and not get carried away by the drama that casts itself. Being in balance with healthy habits, surrounding ourselves with supportive friends and family, and being sure to give to our community as much as we can allows us to hold this high vibration which gives us an opportunity to see all experiences as beneficial and even paramount to our personal growth. And that’s one thing that we should definitely take personally! LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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