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In A Minute

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Sometimes it can feel like the clock and even the World is against us! We know what we want, we may just not know how to get there; or we may not know what we want, but we know what life would feel like once we got there!

At any rate, the longer we wait to either decide to fulfill our passions, or take time to find out what our passions are, the less time we get to live our lives enjoying the magic that our purpose gives us.

We can make several excuses as to why we cannot yet make our schedules work for us, perhaps because we are too busy working, or too tire after work to do anything else but zone out- rather than hone in on what our Heart’s are pleading for us to pay attention to.

Whatever the excuse or barrier we put in front of the importance of following our bliss, we will find ourselves falling deeper and deeper into a disconnection with our Heart’s longing.

Whether we decide to open up ourselves to being more discerning of what is best for us, or we decide to deny that we hear that little voice; this is what will give us our level of emotional fulfillment.

We know the feeling of exhaustion & fatigue; anxiety and a sense of overwhelm. This happens when our days and lives are filled up with all that we need to get done and all the energy we put into filling everyone else’s cup, without pouring any passion into our own.

By balancing our lives with giving to ourselves first, even just a little bit- our energy and our smiles will come back, and we will, as a result, have that much more to give to others, even though we are not given more time to do so.

We will feel that our schedules almost open up for us to allot the appropriate time to give to ourselves and give to others, maybe even with even a little extra time for a much needed nap!

Always be there for those you love and give all that you can, but be sure that in all of your unconditional giving, it is under the condition that you give to yourself, before all!


LuCy sMiLeS


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