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Easier Said Than Done

"Think of the Big Picture; and Let The Small Things Go" ~LoVe, LuCy

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I spent my Saturday morning talking to a dear and beautiful friend who was dealing with a personal issue from the week.

In discussion, I was giving my advice on the importance of not acting out based on emotion.

When we are dealing with matters, especially matters of the Heart; our emotions can get the best of us if we are dealing with hurt, insecurity, vulnerability, or worse- confusion about what we are feeling, altogether.

Allowing ourselves to process what we are dealing with, and the information given; or allowing ourselves to sit with emotions that come up when relating to others before we 'react' can be helpful not only to our own wellbeing, but to the well-being of the relationship.

This intuitively made sense for both of us, and it was definitely a light bulb turning on for how to best approach this, and any situation moving forward.

It is so very interesting how clever and 'on it' the Universe is, that not 24 hours after my powerful advice to someone else, did I find myself in an emotional 'pickle' to say the very least.

It is so easy to give other people advice, straight from the Heart. However, to find it for ourselves, can seem like a long, curvy road to nowhere.

Our minds are a wonderful thing, and we process amazing findings from logically looking at a situation, and knowing the best solution.

But when it comes to our own Heart, and all of the emotions that we have at any given moment, the magic is the ability to breathe it in, process it, and give ourselves some time to get back to centre and certainty about what we are feeling, before we react too quickly- only to find ourselves spinning our sensitive wheels.

And we will just simply feel better for it, and create better relationships because of it.

LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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