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Next To Nothing

"Make What Counts Count!"

~ LoVe LuCy

Next To Nothing.jpg

Of all of the lessons we get to learn as we grow up and go through our experiences, more often than not, no matter what the circumstance is that we are dealing with; the main thing is how much power we give it, in our lives.

When we allow something, or someone to take over too much of our energy, we will naturally get drained so much that we have little ability to maintain our composure in other areas of our lives. How many times do we lack being in the present moment, because something irked us so much, from previous- we allow it to be the forefront of our 'now?' When we fail to let go of things, or even fail to put them on the side, so we can take care and nurture what needs our attention, we can start feeling resentful, creating a negative space that needn't be created. Being able to take responsibility for our lives by dealing with things that come our way, assertively and timely, we can allow for a healthy alignment of love and compassion for ourselves, others, and our paths. Moreover, by being mindful of how much weight we give a so called 'challenge', we can also balance out and prioritize what is consuming our minds, our actions and our relationships. LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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