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Grow Up

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It's a brand new month, filled with brand new possibilities.

I decided to sage smudge my home office to bring in 'growth' in my business, abundance in health, love, and prosperity. Then, I opened my "Grace Cards" deck this morning, and asked for whichever card I needed to fly out onto the floor to help guide me in the next 90 days, and low and behold it was "Growth", with the message on the back "Accept the lesson. When things don't go our way, something more important to the growth of our soul is in the works. " It helps to have a little guidance in our lives, whether it be "Angel Cards" if that is what we are into... or perhaps reading a book excerpt everyday before we start our day. To take my message for the day on "growth" a step further, one book I love that I have carried with me since finding it in a friend's condo lobby way back in 2006 is "The Language of Letting Go- by Melody Beattie. Her message for today also being very loud & very clear! "Growth"- Oh yeah, I got it. Every day new messages always come at me, today in 3's! I really felt my higher power had my back this morning, reminding me that I am not alone- we really are in this together, we just have to remember to also take a moment to hold our beloved's hand, when maybe they are having a moment. And for ourselves, whether we choose to go to certain spiritual spaces to gather with like minded people on a regular basis, or tap into to any spiritual social media, from the comfort of our home; the benefit of giving a little bit to our Soul as much as we can, as we are moving forward can truly assist us in making better decisions, and helps us to help others when they may be having a tough time making their own. We can just remember we are never on our own, and never have to do this, alone. Thanks, Angels... LoVe, LuCy sMiLeS

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