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Bare Bones

“Break it Down to Bring it Out.” LoVe, LuCy

bare bones.jpg

It is hard to do what we think we can't. When we claim a lack of ability in something; more often than not that is what we will get. My sister shared something with me yesterday. Typically my 'smiles' are not too personally driven, but this is a story that needs sharing. My nephew is in Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. He is 17 years old and has been practicing for some time. She told me that he got in the car the other night from her picking him up from training, and couldn't help but share his awesome story from the night. Typically, this nephew of mine is a man of a few words. He told his Mom he had one of the best training nights of his life. He was training with his Instructor and his Instructor stopped him and explained to him that he wasn't showing up nor getting into it like he owns it, during this specific fight. He went further to tell my nephew that if he wants to win he has to act like he already won the fight. It is not enough to 'want to be', but to 'BE' the winner. Needless to say he was so happy and motivated and ended the story to my sister with "Mom, I kicked his "insert word here!" While we know that creative visualization and "faking it until we make it" will only benefit our chances of manifesting a fulfilling life- do we truly take this into consideration in all aspects of our life? We don't just have to visualize winning; we can visualize having strong, and healthy relationships which will give us more motivation to be compassionate to our partner. We can visualize being our ideal weight which will give us a kick start to wanting to ingest wholesome and healthy foods. We can visualize having our desired income, or building our dream business which will give us inspiration to work smart and stay focused on our path. Of course, nothing that is truly long lasting will always happen overnight- but there is nothing wrong with dreaming of a future that is all that we want and more, and feeling it in our hearts that we deserve it, right now, to perhaps expedite the process. Tapping into a higher vibration of visualizing great things coming into our lives can only allow us to bring in energy that matches it, which also gives us a flying start to achieving our fun-filled and fabulous dreams! Wishing you sweet dreams, LuCy sMiLeS

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