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Vision Board Workshop!

VISION BOARDS are both a magical and logical technique for                               focusing our energy and commitment on what’s                                  important, and what we wish to accomplish in                                       our lives. By giving energy to what we want to                                      attract, we have the opportunity to bring it in.                                       Through photos, words, lines from poems,                                           colour – they all help to create a powerful                                         reminder of what we want in our future, now.





Let's turn Thoughts to Things!

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Advanced  Nutritional Healing- Talk

Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult, overwhelming or expensive. In our Monthly "Advanced Nutrition Talk' at Chiropractic First Natural Health Group, we go through simple ways to incorporate healthy, nutritious and easy

to prepare meals that bring your body back to vibrancy,

A few of the topics covered in this event are:

* How to alleviate inflammation

* Learning about Alkaline Foods

* Food Cravings

* Super Foods

* Super Spices

* Supplementing for optimal Health

* Why Fat is GOOD for you

* Understanding Ketones & Ketosis

.... much much more!

Health is Wealth!

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