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Hey! I'm Diane!

Inspirational Author, Wellness Influencer & Creative Entrepreneur!

...even more importantly, I am a Wife, a Leader in my own life and a proud rescue dog Mama!

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There has always been a whispering Angelic voice and energy that has played along side me when I was a child; carried her voice through me throughout adolescence, and into young adulthood.  


An Angelic Voice that reminded me that there is something bigger than me out there.  Something bigger and far more magical than any perceived "random meetings of strangers (who I felt I've known forever)", "chance encounters with opportunities", or "surprise strikes of luck."

Nicknamed 'LuCy' since I was 11, this voice that surrounded me prompted me to use my childlike identity, wonder and curiosity about life's magic, add a smile, and share it with the World.  Hense my writing identity "LuCy sMiLeS"

Through my journey of personal discovery, I realized that when we FEEL BETTER we can DO BETTER!  After finding myself with brain fog, fatigue and an overall feeling of unwell, I stumbled upon education of how to best support my physical body.

Since then, I have been helping thousands of others, around the Globe, to create a strong foundation of wellness through learning the power of what we are fuelling our bodies.


My focus promotes sustainable healthy habits to create a physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually & financially vibrant lifestyle.


I am dedicated to supporting my community to tap in to all things that make us THRIVE!

With so much gratitude,

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