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Each bracelet purchase directly contributes our mission of supporting animal rescue & treatment. Your contribution will have a direct impact on the lives of these vulnerable animals.

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For local Mazatlan orders in Pesos & email transfer payments:

Choose your vibrant colored glass seed bead design below:

The custom design 'Infinite Pawsibilities' branded bracelet is hand crafted with our signature paw, and available Worldwide, in a myriad of colour options!

Meet some of our fur friends, who, with the help of BIG HEARTED Souls, have become family companions from starting off on the streets. 

Before May 2024, I didn't know Bunny Shapiro existed!

I live in Mazatlan, six hours north of Bunny's home in Puerto Vallarta.


One day, my business coach Julie mentioned Bunny, thinking we might live in the same city. She was a friend of hers, and figured I must be familiar with her and her work.

Ironically, around the same time, I felt compelled to start a fundraiser with a local Jeweller in Mexico. I envisioned a colorful, iconic piece and needed the perfect collaborator.

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It only dawned on me a few days later, that Bunny may be the missing link of who I can work with!


I asked Julie for Bunny's contact information. I wondered if Bunny could be the Jeweller I was looking for in Mexico.

After checking Bunny's website and admiring her work, I messaged her immediately!


A What's App video chat followed, and now Bunny and I are partnering to bring her vibrant art to Mexico and beyond to raise money to support the four leggeds in need!




After a decade of working in NYC's fashion industry, Bunny Shapiro traded in her East Village apartment and executive Meatpacking status for a chiller life at the beach.

In November 2015, Bunny moved to Puerto Vallarta Mexico to teach English, but she stumbled upon a bead supplier, and started making bracelets instead. 

Friends and family started buying up Bunny’s collection and suddenly her namesake brand was born.

Thanks to the success of her online business, Bunny opened her first brick and mortar boutique in downtown Puerto Vallarta in July 2016, and by October of that year her work was featured in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines.  

Now, people from all over the world flock to Bunny's hot pink boutique to adorn themselves in artisan jewelry and lifestyle treasures.  

From Katy Perry & Pharrell Williams to New York Fashion Week, and all the top Fashion Magazines, Bunny's unique designs are on every block!

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