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    Recently, I reached out to my friend Julita Wieczorek. I wanted to touch base and see how she was doing. She is the owner and founder of Our Angels – Dog Rescue where we rescued our beautiful dogs Luca and Angel. She was hard to get a hold of and when we finally did connect this is what she told me:

    “Diane, I have had to close down my dog rescue, because of covid I had many dogs trapped in boarding, all of them fully vetted. Sadly after a few weeks I had to send them to local rescues for free. This decision left me with huge vet and boarding bills. I had to take out a private loan which I am sadly still paying. On the top off that my girl Cody died in December. She was fighting cancer which created more huge expenses. Now on Tuesday I suddenly lost her best friend Luna who was very bonded with Cody. I’ve just been hit by too much over the last two years. The rescue now costs me too much money personally to run. I’ve been doing it for eleven years and there have been so many personal losses. “


    This news broke my heart. Not only is my friend losing her business but she is saying goodbye to her life’s passion. Over the past eleven years I have witnessed the tremendous work she has done for animals. With limited funding she has given everything she could to rescue dogs from neglect, abuse, abandonment and over breeding.


    Many of the dogs she rescued never saw daylight or had decent food or clean water. Those dogs were coming from puppy mills, hoarding situations or just neglect.


    We found out about her by running into a dog owner. I met Nellie on the street. My heart melted when I heard her story.  I felt prompted to see what dogs might be in need, just like Nellie. That's when Luca came into our lives. I found his little face on Julita's adoption page. We were blessed to give him his forever home.  Nine months later, we adopted our girl Angel when Julita posted her story:


     “We need help to save this girl’s life. She is only 2- years old she is sweet, scared and 10 lbs underweight. She was dumped by her owners. She had 3 litters already before we got her and just taken away from her litter. She needs 75$ of sponsorship to cover her partial vetting.”

    We love Angel and so does her big brother Luca, she became the perfect companion for him, our dogs are like our kids. We love them with all of our heart.

    Of course I want to save all the dogs, who doesn’t?


    There are certain people like Julita who are Angels sent here to rescue them. Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries, protecting us, loving us and giving us their loyalty.


    My birthday is coming up on May 3rd. When Anthony, my husband, asked me what I wanted, all I could think of is how grateful I am for out little family. Thanks to Julita’s selfless efforts and tireless nights to save dogs who are in desperate need of rescue.


    Two of which have shaped our family that is filled with love.  We have been gifted to care for them. Anthony and I always say, they chose us to protect and love and care for them, just like they do for us. 

    To help raise the funds for Julita, I have collaborated with my friend Monica Graves.  Owner and designer of glamjulz in Burlington, Ontario.  Monica specializes in creating jewelry pieces that help women like me to advocate for causes they are most passionate about.  Monica believes that one bracelet at a time, we can save the world in our own special way.

    I knew I needed to work with her.  

    She has created these very special “Heart of Life” bracelets for me to share with all of you.  They are $38 CDN each and all of the proceeds will be donated to Julita to recover her expenses.

    My goal is to raise $4,000 for Julita.  I know we can do this together.

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Diane XO

    “If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment” - Carlos Santana

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    What if you had a friend who lost their business?

    What would you do to help?

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    *100% of Proceeds are going to Julita

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