Lucy Smiles about...


In this compilation of 100 Inspirational Quotes and Messages, Lucy Smiles takes you on a ride of compassion, open-mindedness and love. 


She takes what some would call unconditional love, passion for life, the ability to give to others and generously shares her inner thoughts and feelings.


"Blessed to reach thousands of friends around the globe, my purpose with my daily writing, as well as this book, is to help others shift their thoughts to create peaceful and compassionate energy, amidst the chaos that we all have surrounding our very real day to day lives."

"Lucy Smiles is inspirational, heartwarming and makes me appreciate how good life really is! "

                        Anne M., Vancouver, BC

"Lucy's Smiles always bring me back to Love when I forget to live in the moment and cherish all that I have in my life."

                      Alexis, New York, NY


"I look forward to getting my dose of Lucy! The messages are always so heart warming and really touch my Soul on so many levels!"

         Greg, Toronto, Canada     

"Lucy is so very talented at taking everyday situations and making them practical life lessons!"

                             Paul, Arizona

"I truly enjoy reading Lucy Smiles with my coffee in the morning. It's a good way to start my day and a great inspiration to better myself. Keep sending them!"

                      Roxanne, Switzerland


"It is incredible how bang on and timely Lucy's messages are to help me with whatever I am going through!"


                          Nicki, Brampton, ON